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PockeTracker K12

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PockeTracker K12

PockeTracker K12 is a piece of student tracking software that allows adminstrators instant access to their student database using a mobile device. With a handheld printer - passes, detentions, violations and schedules can be assigned and printed on the spot. Learn More.

Why Choose PockeTracker K12 For Your School?

It's simple. PockeTracker K12 is guaranteed to improve behavior management at your school. It's the BEST student tracking system available, it has the LOWEST cost and the HIGHEST ROI. You can't go wrong.


PockeTracker K12 is loaded with many features to keep your campus running efficiently.

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“Our tardies have dropped dramatically - we went from hand writing 60 to 70 late passes each period to having maybe 10 or 12."

Jupiter High School