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PockeTracker K12 is the ultimate K12 student tracking tool

Student Information at your fingertips : Behavior Tracking

If you ask most adminstrators and teachers about the problems they face in the classroom, you'll no doubt be talking about behavior problems at some point. Bad behavior gets attention, and in some cases it will take up a great deal of your time.

PockeTracker K12 will keep behavioral disruptions to a minimum. Since it's preloaded with your school's rules, all you need to do is scan a student to enforce the rule. A student will know how many strikes they have against them, and will behave accordingly. With most paper run systems, a student could misbehave in one class and then keep misbehaving throughout the day without strict consequences. With PockeTracker K12, you'll know instantly if too many violations have been met. The disruptive student can then be sent to in school suspention, or assigned an after school detention.

The focus of PockeTracker K12 is not primarily on bad behavior. It can just as easily be used for good behavior tracking. You can issue students positive points that you can use in any way you see fit. Students can exchange points for prizes at the school store, or keep points for certain privileges or a special field trip.

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“Our tardies have dropped dramatically - we went from hand writing 60 to 70 late passes each period to having maybe 10 or 12."

Jupiter High School