PockeTracker K12

PockeTracker K12 is a student ID card tracking program developed at Vision Database Systems.

PockeTracker K12 - Mobile ID Tracking Software

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What is Pocketracker K12 ?

Pocketracker K12 is a handheld product including a Windows Pocket PC Mobile with a barcode scanner and software. The product is capable of scanning any student ID card instantly, presenting the student photo for positive verification and then delivering instant information about the student. Most importantly, Pocketracker K12 is transactional – in that positive and negative points can be assigned to the behavior or action of any student. With this simple feature, Pocketracker K12 becomes a revolutionary tool for student behavior management, providing positive reward points for good behavior (homework, class projects, community service, etc.) and negative points for bad behavior (lateness, dress code, fighting, etc.).

How does Pocketracker K12 work ?

Pocketracker K12 works with a companion PC-based desktop program called RapIDtrack K12. One major feature of RapIDtrack K12 is the ability for any school to set up their policies and discipline rules. Impacts for positive or negative behavior events are created at the beginning of the school year and can be modified with the click of a button. For example, negative behavior of a certain class such as tardiness, dress code, gum chewing, will be given a warning, and multiple warnings (1,2, 3, or any setting the school prefers) may result in a detention. By the same token, positive behavior, class projects, honor roll, achievement test scores, may be assigned positive points which can be used to “work off” warnings received, for individual item purchases in the school store, or may be accumulated for a larger school award (Ex. Any student with 1000 points or more goes to Disney World).

Pocketracker K12 and RapIDtrack K12 can be purchased with optional, but recommended features for printing tardy or lateness passes and formal detention notices. It can also be used to print a class schedule. The desktop RapIDtrack K12 can be purchased with a superfast thermal printer which can print a tardy slip in less than 5 seconds. The mobile Pocketracker K12 can be purchased with a wireless Bluetooth printer which can also print a pass or detention within seconds.

RapIDtrack K12 has an array of student reports built-in and custom reports can also be designed. A companion program called Detention Manager is available to eliminate paperwork by simply scanning students into detention class.

Why would a school need Pocketracker K12 ?

It is well known that safer schools promote learning. Many schools utilize outmoded discipline methods, or the use none at all, relying on the teachers or others to enforce their own discipline. Ask any teacher what is the most negative influence on their ability to teach and they will say it is the disruption of class through negative behavior, and secondly, that students do not put enough effort into their studies due to multiple distractions. Pocketracker K12 takes the efficiency of supermarket checkout and applies it to this problem, and makes Behavior and Discipline Management, fair, easy, and fun to administer for Assistant Principals, Guidance, and even for teachers.

How does Pocketracker K12 address overall achievement ?

Pocketracker K12 is one tool in the school arsenal along with better buildings, better instructional materials, better management, and better teachers. While not being a complete palliative, Pocketracker K12 contributes to a safer school and optimized learning environment, because every student event, both positive or negative, can be instantaneously noted and tracked, with the result of a consequence (warning, detention, suspension) or an incentive (reduced punishment, gift or recognition, or class trip rewards). Anecdotal evidence reports that one school using RapIDtrack K12 has reported the least number of drop-outs among all New York City schools over a 3-year period.

How does Pocketracker K12 save budget money ?

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that retail stores save an enormous amount of money with less cashiers which is saved labor or labor which is redeployed to other uses like stock, bakery, customer service. Pocketracker K12 is a classic product with a high ROI, the money initially spent is returned over and over again with reduced savings. Anecdotal evidence from one school has provided a 25:1 payback ratio, where assistant principal time on discipline matters is reduced, allowing additional time for guidance or parental involvement. More importantly, the school will achieve an enormous boost through a safer learning environment, better behavior, increased test scores, and lower drop out rates. In short, Pocketracker K12 and RapIDtrack K12 will unlock and speed up future anticipated gains in K12 student achievement.

How easy is it to implement Pocketracker K12 ?

Implementing Pocketracker K12 and RapIDtrack K12 is simpler than you think. RapIDtrack K12 was designed to be an open system with communication to any ID card database or any student database. For those databases without real-time permissions or capability, we provide all programming to convert student data, photos, and schedules into the RapIDtrack K12 database. Most installations and training take less than 2 days, and although the product has experienced few problems in implementation, our tech support staff is available the entire school year to answer phone calls, or even to gain access (with school permission) to fix problems remotely.



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“Our tardies have dropped dramatically - we went from hand writing 60 to 70 late passes each period to having maybe 10 or 12."

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