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PockeTracker K12 is the ultimate K12 student behavior tracking tool

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PockeTracker K12 is the ultimate student behavior tracking device. With your school's rules and student database loaded on each PocketPC, your adminstrators can scan student ID cards. Use this student tracking tool from anywhere on campus to scan cards and print out passes, violations, detentions and even schedules.

PockeTracker K12 gives administrators and teachers power in the hallways. You know exactly where your students should be, and more importantly the students know that you know!

PockeTracker K12 gives you the versatility to keep track of custom information to fit your school's needs. You choose the data to store and track. Look up any student anywhere on campus and you'll see which class they're supposed to be in. You'll know if they're close by and running late, or disobeying and hanging out on the wrong side of the school.

You have quick access to the information you need with PockeTracker K12. Look up: schedules, violation history, bus numbers, medical information and more.

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“Our tardies have dropped dramatically - we went from hand writing 60 to 70 late passes each period to having maybe 10 or 12."

Jupiter High School