Tardy Tracking

PockeTracker K12 uses today's technology to bring top notch efficiency to your school's tardy tracking needs.

Tardy Tracking with PockeTracker K12

Tardy tracking has never been easier when using the discipline management system PockeTracker K12. All your adminstrators, teachers and employees need to worry about is scanning a student ID. No more hand writing tardy slips or manually filing them away.

You'll have all the necessary student information at your fingertips at all times. Scan a student ID and see their violation and hall pass history on the spot. You can even issue violations and detentions and print them out on a handheld printer from anywhere on campus.

Tardy tracking is made easy because once you scan in a student ID or look each student up manually, you'll see their information on the PockeTracker K12 device and will be able to decide what to do based on the student's history.

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“Our tardies have dropped dramatically - we went from hand writing 60 to 70 late passes each period to having maybe 10 or 12."

Jupiter High School